I want to frame my blog in terms of what I find myself most often blogging about - finding creative ways to make the things I want while saving money

  • recycling materials, re-using things and generally thrifty living.

I grew up in Linkishere (Lincolnshire, UK), and the blog title reflects the local dialect. It means to make something out of nothing. We weren’t allowed to speak in dialect (at least not around my mother), so we learned two dialects. Mum’s approximation of BBC English, and Lincolnshire.

Anyhow, what I mean is that most of my activities have me finding creative ways to get what I want without paying full price. Most of the time, I couldn’t afford the full price anyway - so as they say - necessity is the mother of invention (or was mother the inventor of necessity?).

From duck coops made of nearly 100% foraged timber, to vintage firearms refurbished, I forage online auctions, other peoples junk and my own growing collections of “I’ll probably find a use for it”, “if I toss it I’ll only regret it”, and “it still works - I can’t throw it away”. Southern Ontario is a land of plenty for the farmyard forager. Falling down buildings, aging out farmers and rampant modernisation all lead to surplus materials and equipment litering the countryside, ripe for scrounging and repurposing.